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Heat Shrink Tubing is widely used in the marine industry, to protect the electrical wires and cables in the yachts, boats, cruisers, jet ski, etc.  A lot of people are confused about a shrink tube called a marine heat shrink tube in the market, what is it exactly? As the perspective of a professional supplier of heat shrink tubing, it is only a general name for the usage of heat shrink tubing. There is no specific heat shrink tubing called marine heat shrink tube.

There are several types of heat shrink tubing used in the marine industry. The first one is the single wall heat shrink tubing, at Dicore it is called HHST-2X. It could be supplied in coloured heat shrink tubing, with many different colours for your choice. It is good for people who are looking for economical costs, but no requirement of waterproof.

The second tube is dual wall heat shrink tube, at Dicore, it is called DHST-3X,  It is designed for waterproof, the lined adhesive will prevent the wires and joints from water or moisture. Also, it is flexible, usually in black colour. Considering the most situation in the marine industry, this type of heat shrink tubing is mostly recommended.

The third tube we could see sometimes in the yacht is medium wall heat shrink tubing, at Dicore, its model is MHST. It is specially used to protect wires or cables from abrasion at certain circumstances. It provides strong mechanic abrasion-resistant, due to its thick wall.  It could be supplied with or without adhesive inside.

The last tube I suggest for marine heat shrink tube is solder splice sleeve, at Dicore, our model is SSWS. The advantage of this product is an easy installation, only one step.  Its pre-installed ground leads inside the tubing will make the interconnect in one step, and ensures completely insulated and strain relieved connections.

In conclusion, the marine heat shrink tube is just a name showing where the heat shrink tube is used. There are several types of heat shrink tube could be named by marine heat shrink tubing according to different requirements in the industry.