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Heat Shrink Tubing on power supply protection

We often got inquiries from some manufacturers of power supply to improve their products by using our heat shrink tubing. They have some of their customers complaints about their power supply for computers, laptops, and other electrical devices, the connection of the power and the wire is easily broken, and not waterproof anymore, especially after years of ageing outdoors.

The above photos are great examples, they show how our dicore dual wall heat shrink tubing is working on this power supply protection. It could provide great waterproof, anti-UV and Anti-ageing protection, and also make the product looks better.  It will help our customers to make their products outstanding in their industry and bring great satisfaction to their clients.  There are different types of power supply from our clients, we also provide several solutions to match these requirements. Our medium wall or heavy wall heat shrink tubing with adhesive will be a good choice for higher abrasion demands. Also, we have different colours available for our customers to choose from, black and clear will be a great choice as you could see in the photos.