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General-purpose heat shrink tubing is also widely used to protect steel U bolt, due to its easy installation and economical. This kind of heat shrink tubing is thin and flexible, it could cover the metal U-bolt tightly and provide very good protection.  With this heat shrink tubing, the metal bolt could provide protection against moisture ingress, chemical corrosion, and mechanical damage for a life long time. So, lots of manufacturers and suppliers of U-bolt are supplying their bolt covered with heat shrink tubing to get outstanding from their competitors.

Dicore’s thin wall heat shrink tubing, Model: HHST-2X, is widely used in this industry in China with a very competitive price and stable quality. Now it is in bulk supply and quick lead time.

The above are some of the pictures showing how the bolts are covered with our heat shrink tubing. It shows that our heat shrink tubing has great durability in different weather conditions for years.