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The gas hose and fitting are aiming to be used for a long-life term after installation, so a high-quality level of gas hose manufacturers like Dicore’s customers will cover our heat shrink tubing onto the surface of the gas hose for protection against heat, abrasion, chemicals and rust. As the feedback from our clients, the heat shrink tube will dramatically increase the period of duration of the gas steel hose and fitting and makes their products outstanding and attracts more customers to their products. So It is a good choice to cover flexible thin wall heat shrink tubing onto gas steel plastic hose and fitting.

The key characters of heat shrink tubing for this application are flexible and thin. Our HHST-2X will be very suitable for this requirement, as the pictures show, the tubing is shrunk onto the hoses tightly. The hose is easy to be bent with our heat shrink tubing. For more information about this product, please feel free to contact us.