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The most common colours of heat shrink tubing are black and clear (transparent), but other colours also required in some of the situations, like in the electrical power station, we usually use red, green and yellow to identify different electrodes in electrical cables, also yellow-green for the earth wire. In other industries, people also use different coloured heat shrink tubing to decorate the products they are covering, to make their products stand out from the other competitors.

The general heat shrink tubing is now produced in different colours, as many as more than 15 colours to satisfy various requirements from different industries. However, there are also a lot of types of heat shrink tubing can only be produced in black or clear, because of not enough requirements from the market, the manufacturers will request a large minimum order quantity to produce other colours.

So if you are looking for some coloured heat shrink tubing, the best option is the general heat shrink tubing, in Dicore, the model is HHST-2X,  general heat shrink tubing. You could source this product in different colours easily and economically.  If you also need the tubing to be waterproof, you could choose our DHST-3X, adhesive lined heat shrink tubing, it is available to some common colours like, black, clear, red, green, blue, yellow. Just feel free to contact us for further information.

There is also any good option maybe you will be interested in, we have another heat shrink tubing which is printable, it could be printed by a label printer to identify various wires.  It is our HSID model, heat shrink wire marker sleeving. In Raychem-TE, it is called TMS-SCE heat shrink, widely used in the high-speed train, aeroplane, aerospace.  It could be supplied in yellow or white colour, and you could print whatever you want to label your wires and cables very clearly and permanently.