Applications of Heat Shrink Products

Electronic Industry Applications

Heat Shrink Tubing was introduced to protect wire to wire connection instead of insulating tape at first, then it was widely used to insulate and protect wires connection again heat, abrasion, chemicals or water in the electronic industry. It is made from flame-retardant material of Polyolefin with excellent physical, chemical and electrical properties. The heat shrink tubing used to insulate, seal and protect wires in the electronic industry are mostly in small sizes from 0.8mm to 25.4mm (1 inch).

Dicore provides various types of heat shrink tubing for this application, with full sizes selection and different colours. Please click the below button to explore our heat shrink tubing selection for Electronic Industry Application.

Electrical Industry Applications

Dicore offers a full range of high-quality heat shrink products for the Electrical and Utility industries including heat shrink bus bar tubing, heat shrink moulded shapes and cable accessories for low voltage and medium voltage applications. It provides reliable insulation and moisture protection for cable joints and terminations.

Dicore’s broad line of electrical insulation products is designed and tested to meet the most international standards for performance and long term reliability for the electrical power industry, please click the below button to explore our relative products.

Telecom Industry Applications

heat shrink tubing for telecom industry

Heat shrink tubing is also widely used in the Telecom/Fibre Optic Industry, it prevents water ingress and mechanical damage to cables, splices and connectors of fibre optic splice closure or terminal box.

Dicore provides a wide range of products in this industry, including heat shrink tubing, splice protector, tape, and relative accessories. Please click to find our products for Telecom Industry.

Automotive Industry Applications

There are a lot of applications of heat shrink tubing in the Automotive industry, our heat shrink tubing provides long-term protection against moisture ingress, corrosion, mechanical damage and extreme temperature in the car, by providing seal and protection for wire bundles, automotive connectors, terminals, hose and splices.

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Military Industry Applications

Dicore’s heat shrink products have many different features to meet the North American MIL/23053 and European VG family of specifications for the military  requirement, like resistant to high abrasion and high temperature. Please find our relevant products by clicking the below button.

Medical Industry Applications

Even in the extremely high standard requirement in the medical industry, a lot of our heat shrink tubing products could meet the requirements, and widely used in lots of medical equipment to protect them from moisture, dust, and abrasion. Please find our products used in Medical industry.